Light in the darkness

I like this man’s writings and the imagery in this one is especially apt as we move into the darker days of winter……Reyanna

By Chris McDonnel, November 19, 2014,

When you step into an old building that has been empty for many years, the dust and debris of a time long-gone await you. Walking down a darkened corridor, you step warily, not knowing what you may encounter. Then, turning a corner, a shaft of light from a shattered window high up on the brick wall, exposes for a moment a couple of worn steps. Moving on, the darkness returns, the moment of illumination is lost.

No-one who has watched the progress of the Rosetta Mission and the landing of Philae on the Comet 67P can fail to marvel at the immensity of this technical achievement. To plant a box of scientific instruments on a rock some 350,000,000 miles from Earth after a journey of 10 years is awesome. It has been rightly celebrated. (To continue reading, click here.)

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