Love, support for immigrants follow group’s verbal attacks on Massgoers

The behavior of those who came to taunt the Massgoers is a concern that I have with the rise of Trump who I think has emboldened this “potent stew” of racism, xenophobia and misogynism.  These kinds think they can get away with it and nobody will hold them accountable.  And the only way to confront this kind of behavior is to do exactly what the folks did who came the next week.  We all must stand together in the face of this kind of ugliness….reyanna

By “Adminstrator 1”     February 8, 2017          Catholic News Service on-line

PORTLAND, Ore. (CNS) — Father Raul Marquez had never seen anything like it. Eight men walked to the front door of St. Peter Church in Southeast Portland Jan. 29 and began bellowing during the Spanish Mass.

Dressed like hunters, they accused worshippers of not being true Christians, questioned the sexual morals of the women and harangued the congregation for being made up of immigrants.

The group, which calls itself “Street Preachers,” has been setting up counter-protests at events criticizing President Donald Trump, including a late-January demonstration at Portland International Airport.

The harmony that naturally comes from Mass was shattered. The community, already living in fear because of federal immigration policy proposals, was shocked.

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