Magy Stelling tells it as she sees it!

Magy Stelling | November 20, 2012 |

Today I’m posting a response that “our Magy” posted to an internet blog discussion.  We who know Magy, know that she tells it as she sees it and doesn’t hold back!  She is an amazing little gal – living proof that dynamite comes in small packages.

Here is the statement Magy replied to: “They, meaning the present day Church, have driven out all the moderates and all that is left are hard nosed liberals!”

 Magy writes:

One must realize that today we have two Catholic Churches. One is known as the Catholic Church with 7 Sacraments, which is inclusive, founded on the teachings and examples lived by Jesus and is filled with joy.

The other is the present institutional Roman Catholic Church , run by the Curia, Opus Dei and other monied groups and/or persons. It has a monarchical leader known as the Pope with a bunch of yes men dressed in medieval costumes who brow beat the bishops and their priests with a blind and vowed obedience that destroys their primacy of conscience.

This hierarchy puts them at odds with the laity by giving us an outlandish translation of our beautiful liturgy and confirming unhealthy rules concerning human sexuality all the while they cover up and protect the clerics who have sexually abused our children, teenagers and young adults. The blind obedience now demanded by the institutional church has little or nothing to do with strengthening a relationship with God. It has everything to do with the lust of power for the hierarchy and I refuse to fear the judgement of my God just to feed that lust.

Those who are aggrieved by what our present leaders have done to the true spirit of Vatican II and have stayed in the Church to demand a reform in and of  the institutional Church, I say, “hang in there, People of God!”. We love the Church founded on the teachings and examples of Jesus. We do not wish to overturn any of the true teachings of Jesus and we will remain to do all we are capable of to see an inclusive Church free from the threats of damnation if we questions the abuse of authority that is now problematic in the institutional Church. Jesus freed us from the threat of eternal damnation by his death and resurrection and we will not allow any human being, be it pope, cardinal, bishop, priest or laity—Catholic or otherwise— that places this unChrist liked guilt in our hearts again. The majority of people who support this type of outdated church, designated by our present Pope, did not live it before Vatican II and do not realize just how restrictive and fear filled it was.

If my beliefs make me a hard-nosed liberal I joyfully acknowledge the title and choose to carry it to my grave, be it in a Catholic cemetery or not, for I will be dead and can care less.  Should anyone wish to mourn my passing, don’t look for my grave site!  Let them take up this cause and join the struggle to have an inclusive and collegial Church known as The People of God that follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Magy, for speaking your truth!

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3 Responses to Magy Stelling tells it as she sees it!

  1. PJ Brigham says:

    You GO, Magy!

  2. Sandra McGeary says:

    VERY well said Magy!! I agree with everything you said and you put it into words much better than I ever could have done!! I’m proud to know you!! Sandi

  3. Ed Schreurs says:

    Magy, your anger inspires me to come into action for a independent relgious community.

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