Mixed messages: What do women hear from the church?

I found this article to have a good, clear statement and balance to it.  I have been a feminist all my adult life, but I find some writing on it, especially as regards the church, to be really filled with anger.  I can understand that anger, but I don’t find the angry message particularly helpful.  This author has done a good job of stating her case and then making suggestions for moving forward…..Reyanna

A U.S. Catholic Interview, Appearing in May 2014 edition, US Catholic On-line

From her kindergarten class in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama to her current position teaching at the University of San Diego, Emily Reimer-Barry has been in Catholic schools all her life. She credits this immersion in Catholic education with giving her the freedom to ask the big questions.

“I was in an environment where I had the space to identify as Catholic,” she says, “even while I wrestled with questions like, ‘Who am I as a woman in the church?’ and ‘Am I satisfied with the kind of theology that is written about women in the church?’ ”

Reimer-Barry found the beginnings of her answers in the tradition of feminist scholarship from role models such as theologians Elizabeth Johnson and Sandra Schneiders. But even today, Reimer-Barry finds that her students continue to wrestle with many of the same basic questions about God, the church, and the role of women that feminist theologians have been asking for more than 50 years. ( To continue reading, click here.)

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