Non Dimenticate di Pregare Per Me

By Reyanna Rice   July 24, 2016

The title of this brief piece is what Pope Francis almost always says to folks that he meets within his daily routine or his travels: “Don’t forget to pray for me”.  I post this here to ask you to do the same for me over the next few weeks.  Tomorrow, I will have total knee replacement surgery.  I had hip replacement in 2014 and it was a “piece of cake”.  I was walking without assistance of any kind at the end of the second week.  I have been told by the surgeon and others who have had this surgery that it is a bit more challenging.  So,  the request for your prayers.  I will try to keep up with posting articles here but my functionality in doing so may be a bit “spotty” depending on how much pain med, usually the hard stuff, I will need to take.  Please be patient with me as I get on to the road to recovery.  And PF usually adds “Per favore, ho bisogno”…”Please, I need it”…to his request for prayers.  Me too…. Gratias.

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3 Responses to Non Dimenticate di Pregare Per Me

  1. Marie Corr, BVM says:

    Blessings and quick healing! I continue to be grateful for your faithful postings. This is my first summer in Dubuque for over 60years. The high humidity really psychs me out. Otherwise, I love the green green everywhere I look. In some ways the humidity makes for the green green, but what a prize for us Westerners. Blessings, Marie Corr

  2. Kenny says:

    Dear Reyanna,
    My prayers to Archangel Raphael, the energy of healing to you.
    God Bless you.

  3. Rick Aldred says:


    We will be praying for you for quick healibg. Blessings.


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