Part two, Jesus and women: ‘You are set free’

This is part two of this article.  Part one was posted yesterday……Reyanna

By Elizabeth Johnson, May 1, 2014, National Catholic Reporter On-Line, Global Sisters Project

Studies of Jesus’ relationships during his public life reveal his lack of fear of women and a strong interest in their flourishing. No word of disparagement or ridicule passed his lips, nor did he see women as a lesser class of human being. Treating them with grace and respect, he healed, exorcized, forgave and restored women to shalom, being particularly attentive to those most in need: the newly dead little girl, the widow whose son had just died, the impoverished widow who gave all she had to the temple, the adulterer about to be stoned. Jesus had particular concern for people on the margins of life, and this concern reached all the way to prostitutes whom he welcomed at his table, even telling the chief priests that such women would enter the kingdom of heaven before they did (Mt 21:31).  (To continue reading this article, click here.)

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One Response to Part two, Jesus and women: ‘You are set free’

  1. M Daly says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words and your brave life, Sr. Elizabeth Johnson.
    I work with a small group in the Cleveland area called The Community of St. Bridget.
    We encourage, support and sustain women who are RC priests and women who
    seek Ordination. In Cleveland on May 24th, seven women will be ordained;
    five to priesthood and two will become deacons. It’s the strength of women like
    Sr. Elizabeth Johnson who keep us going in times of discouragement. Thank you.

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