Pastoral Difficulties with Recently Ordained Priests

I found this a bit of an interesting read and thought it might provide some guidance for those of you struggling in parishes with the “new, young blood” priests coming on board.  I think these young pups are going to find it a bit of a hard row to hoe.  I have read studies that there is a significant drop-out rate for the very traditionalist new priests.  They are lasting in the priesthood about 7 years on average…..Reyanna

By Anthony Ruff OSB, January 26, 2015, PrayTell Blog on-line

Pray Tell has heard increasing reports in the last few years about difficulties with some recently ordained priests. There are divisions in some parishes because some younger guys are more traditional or conservative or legalistic than much of their flock. This seems to be an important issue that needs addressing. To get the conversation going, Pray Tell went to some folks we knew in diocesan offices and asked them to reflect on the issue as constructively as possible.

The three contributors writing below have asked to remain anonymous. Given the highly sensitive nature of this issue, and the possibility of hurt feelings within dioceses if the writer were known, Pray Tell has agreed to their request for anonymity. We hope this puts the focus on the message rather than the writer. (To continue reading, click here.)

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