Pope and Late Evangelical Bishop were Like ‘Father and Son’

The news cycle has been kind of slow, probably because it is summer with downtime and vacation time.  I have come across some good stories and will post them to come up in the next couple of days.  This one is kind of poignant.  If you have not viewed the video mentioned in the article, click on the link to do so.  The message is powerful and it is a delight to watch Francis convey it.

By Sean Salai, July 22, 2o14, America Magazine On-line

Bishop Tony Palmer, the evangelical preacher who befriended Pope Francis and died Sunday in England, was described today as a beloved pastor who was like a son to Pope Francis.

Bishop David Scott, the Florida-based general secretary of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (C.E.E.C.) to which Palmer belonged, told America in a telephone interview that Palmer had developed a deep paternal bond with then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio after meeting him on a mission trip to Argentina in 2008. (To continue reading, click here.)

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