Pope Francis: A sinner and a moral compass for our time

In the hoopla that occurred in reaction to Pope Francis’ comment in the on-board press conference on the return flight from Mexico to Rome last week regarding Trump and the building of the wall along our southern border, I found this article to give me a sound basis in my understanding of what PF said.  I had translated this entire news conference so had formed my own opinions.  Below the link, I provide you with my translation of the question and the pope’s answer.  The internet literally exploded with commentary and comment, much of it racist, bigoted and including death threats against the pope.  The most laughable articles and commentary were on whether or not the Vatican has walls and I am not kidding you.  To come across this article was a breath of fresh air and provided me with needed phrases to counter-act the commentary I was encountering in articles both on CruxNow and NCR about the pope’s words. I spent a good deal of Saturday and yesterday counteracting outrageous comments on comment boards.  I share this article with readers to help you in your discussions with friends and neighbors in understanding what the pope actually said.  Don’t rely on the mainstream media “sound bytes” as they are geared towards creating controversy.

By Steven A. Krueger        February 21, 2015                            Crux Now on-line

Pope Francis and Donald Trump have at least one thing in common – they are both sinners. But the similarities end there.

Pope Francis frequently reminds us that he is a sinner and asks for our prayers. Trump has told us that he is not a bad person, and therefore he “doesn’t have to ask for forgiveness.”

Pope Francis seeks to build a “Church for the poor.” Trump seeks to build lavish development projects that glorify his name, including a wall on the southern border of the United States that will separate us from our Mexican neighbors.

Pope Francis was a bouncer who became a holy man. Trump went to an Ivy League school and became a bully.

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Question and Answer from the on-board news conference from Wednesday, February 17:

(Phil Pulella, “Reuters”)

Good evening, Holiness.  Today you spoke very eloquently about the problems of immigrants.  From the other side of the border, however, there is a quite tough electoral campaign.  One of the candidates for the White House, the Republican Donald Trump, in a recent interview said that you are a political person and even said that perhaps you are also a pawn, a tool of the Mexican government.  He has declared that, if elected, he wants to build a 2.500 kilometer wall along the border; he wants to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, thus separating families and soon.  Then, I would like to ask first of all what you think of this accusation against you and if an American Catholic can vote for such a person?

(Pope Francis)

But, thanks be to God he said that I am a political person, because Aristotle defines the human person as “political animal”; at least I am a human person!  And that I am a pawn…meh, (In Italian “meh” is a verbal shrug of the shoulders….Reyanna), maybe, I don’t know…I leave it to your judgment, to the people…And then, a person who thinks only of building walls, wherever it is, and to not build bridges, is not Christian.  This is not in the Gospel.  Then, what you said, what I recommend, to vote or not to vote: I don’t meddle.  I only say: if he says these things, this man is not Christian.  I need to see if he said these things.  And for this reason, I give him the benefit of the doubt.



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