Pope Francis and what God doesn’t know

By Father William Grimm, July 22, 2014, UCANews.com

There is a riddle among priests that I have heard on every continent I have ever visited (all but Antarctica). The question is: “What are the three things God doesn’t know?” The third of the answers is: “What will the Jesuits be up to next?” Certainly much of the world is curious to know what one Jesuit in particular will do next as bishop of Rome – Pope Francis. More than a year after his election, some of the euphoria over how his style differs from what people had come to expect in a pope is beginning to give way to impatience. Just days ago, an editorial in the New York Times called upon him to act against an archbishop in the United States who has been credibly accused of covering up the sexual abuse of children. Such impatience is not limited to that newspaper, nor to that country. People are now wondering when style will yield substance. (To continue reading, click here.)


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