Pope Francis appoints Archbishop Cupich to Congregation for Bishops

The same day as the Schonborn interview was released, this exciting news was announced.  In this article, the author does a good job of relating what the implications of this announcement are for us here in the US church.  In another brief clip I read that Ab Cupich was blown away by the announcement and had no idea this was coming..reyanna

By Tom Roberts             July 7, 2016           National Catholic Reporter on-line

In yet one more sign of his growing confidence in the archbishop of Chicago, Pope Francis appointed Blase Cupich to the Vatican Congregation for Bishops, the office that proposes candidates for the episcopacy.

The announcement, made July 7, means the congregation retains two Americans. The other is Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, D.C. The Cupich appointment comes just weeks after American Cardinal William Levada left the congregation. Levada turned 80 in June.

The turnover of American personnel on the congregation during the past few years is significant for several reasons. First, the congregation is, aside from the pope, perhaps the most important link in the chain of creating bishops. Soon after his election, Francis removed two Americans — Cardinal Justin Rigali and Cardinal Raymond Burke — from the congregation. Both men were major players in constituting the American episcopacy during the papacy of Benedict XVI. Rigali also previously served as secretary of the congregation.

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