Pope Francis celebrates a homeless man’s 50th

The author of this article, in reference to the showers being installed in the toilets beyond the colonnades on the north side of Vatican Square, said it “had Pope Francis’ fingerprints all over it”.  That is a definite yes.  The earliest article I read about this said that the almoner, Bishop Krajewski, went to Papa Francesco after hearing the homeless  man’s story and it was the pope’s idea to install the showers and made the funds available to do so.  Also, showers are going to be installed in at least ten other churches near the Vatican with the pope paying for those as well.  Another side story:  when Francis named Krajewski his almoner very early on after he was elected pope, he told the good bishop “Sell your desk, as you won’t be behind it.  I want you out on the streets of Rome.”  The good bishop has followed orders and I might add, he seems to be happy doing so.  In the article, if you click on the word “almoner” that is in blue, it will take you to a story about Krajewski…..Reyanna

By Andrew Hamilton, November 19, 2014, Eureka Street on-line (Note: Eureka Street is the Jesuit journal of Australia)

Last week Bishop Konrad Krajewski, the Papal almoner, installed showers for people who are homeless, in St Peter’s Square. The move followed his meeting a homeless man, discovering it was his fiftieth birthday and inviting him to dinner in a local restaurant, only for the man to decline on the grounds he smelled.  

The gesture was seen to have Pope Francis’ finger prints all over it. It also illuminates the differences of perspective many have noted between the Pope and other church leaders, such as Cardinals Pell and Burke and Archbishop Chaput. (To continue reading, click here.)

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