Pope Francis is wildly popular. So what?

I find it interesting that Papa Francesco stirs people into such polarized camps.  Most either love him…and clearly they are the majority…or they revile him.  I occasionally work up my stomach to visit the ultra-traditional blogs.  Some of the comments made about him are over the top, like he is the anti-Christ.  I head for stomach relief medication after spending time on these sites.  I go to them just to see where their wind is blowing and I also find links to articles that appall them but I find quite fits my perspective.  I am reminded of Someone Else who stirred such polar opposite reactions in people.  This article is a good run-down of the major opinions on PF.  A word of caution: don’t bother reading the comments on this site.  They are always just petty fights between commenters.

By Michael O’Loughlin, April 8, 2015, Crux Now on-line

In the days before Easter, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal published the results of a poll finding that most Americans still hold a favorable view of Pope Francis. A few weeks before that, the Pew Research Center released a report showing that the pope remains popular even with non-Catholics. That was an update to a poll from last December demonstrating that Francis was popular around the world, too.

As the pope prepares for a much-hyped visit to the United States this September, during which he’ll meet with President Barack Obama at the White House and give a first-ever address to a joint session of Congress, does his popularity really matter? (To continue reading, click here.)

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