Pope Francis & Patriarch Kirill: Diplomatic ‘Controversies,’ Ecumenical Concerns

I think it will be good if folks keep aware of and pray for this upcoming meeting.  This is something Pope Francis has wanted since he became the pope.  He has had an open invitation out to Kirill basically saying “You let me know and I will come, your place or mine”.  The author of this article is well-equipped to address his subject…Reyanna

By Massimo Faggioli                 February 9, 2016               Commonweal Magazine on-line

The announcement of the two-hour meeting to be held between Pope Francis and Patriarch of Moscow Kirill on Friday in Cuba has brought a lot of excitement—along with some criticism over Francis’s decision to have the meeting at all. There are three basic lines of critique.

First, there’s the political-diplomatic dimension of the meeting. The pope is going to meet the leader of a church that is seen more and more as part of the authoritarian regime of Vladimir Putin and an ideological support for his neo-imperial foreign policy. This criticism stresses the risks to Francis’s credibility, especially if considering the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in supporting Putin’s military actions in Syria and in Ukraine. (Kirill was, however, more cautious about Ukraine, given the potential consequences of the loss of Crimea and the war in eastern Ukraine for inter-Orthodox relations between Moscow and Kiev).  (To continue reading, click here.)

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