Pope Francis: ‘The Gospel of the Marginalized Is Where Our Credibility Is Found and Revealed’

I watched Papa Francesco give this homily before I translated it. His intensity was very evident.  He also preached the longest I have ever noticed, 15 minutes.  He usually opts for “short and sweet”, not going over 8 minutes.  He had a message to convey to the cardinals, most of them present in the Basilica, and he did so skillfully in how he unpacked the story of the cure of the leper from this past Sunday’s liturgy of the Word.  In my translation, I used the word “reintegrate” instead of “reinstate”.  The Italian word PF used was “reintergrazione” which has a first order meaning of “reintegrate” which seems more powerful to me than “reinstate’.  To reintegrate to me means to weave someone back fully into the community.  Reinstate, on the other hand, seems to me to be just placing the person back where they were in relationship to the community.  “Reinstate” is the official Vatican translation.  The Vatican also did not use “marginalization” but “rejection”.  PF frequently uses the word “marginalization” in reference to the poor.  Here I think he used it quite well in relation to those who are, indeed, marginalized by the Church.  Also, the word “carita” was used throughout, as well as” amore”.  PF uses the two quite interchangeably at times.  I translated it as “love” throughout as I think that is what he had in mind.  The language he was using was from the Letter to the Corinthians about love and that was the reading that was used the day before when he installed the new cardinals.  It is most often translated “love” in that reading and not “charity”….Reyanna

By Gerald O’Connell, February 15, 2015, America Magazine on-line

Gospel of the marginalized is where our credibility is found and revealed’, Pope Francis told the new cardinals as he spelled out clearly the direction he wants the leadership of the Catholic Church to take in the world today.

He did so in an inspiring and highly significant homily during mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on Sunday morning, February 15, when he spoke about “the compassion of Jesus in the face of marginalization and his desire to reinstate (the marginalized)”, and went onto explain what it means for Church leaders, and in the first place the new cardinals, to follow this example of Jesus in the world today. (To continue reading, click here.)

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