Pope Francis: «There is corruption in the Vatican. But I’m at peace»

This talk, that PF gave back in November, was just released today.  I find the answer the he gave to the first question very astute for a many of 80.  Although directed at the leaders of all the male religious orders, it definitely tells you what his sense of direction for the church is all about.  However, I was kind of bugged by all the grammatical errors in this translation and one sentence did not make sense to me at all.  Just being my picky self, but I find these kinds of errors and typo’s all over articles in the press these days…reyanna

By Antonio Spadaro SJ       February 9, 2017     Corriere Della Sera on-line

“The Pope is late” they tell me at the entrance to Aula Paolo VI on 25 November 2016. Inside the chamber where the Synods are held, 140 Superiors General of male religious orders and congregations (USG), were waiting at the conclusion of their 88th General Assembly. Outside, a light rain was falling. “Go and bring forth fruit. The fruitfulness of prophecy”: this was the theme of the Assembly, which took place from 23 to 25 November at the “Salesianum” in Rome. It is not usual for the Pope to arrive late. At 10.15 the photographers appeared, and then the Pope, at a brisk walking pace. After the applause to greet him, Francis began: “Sorry I’m late. Life is like that: full of surprises. To understand God’s surprises you have to understand life’s surprises. Thank you very much”.

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