Pope Francis to activists: Stand with migrants, do not deny climate science, there is no such thing as ‘Islamic terrorism’

PF has spoken to this particular meeting three years in a row now.  I do believe he was very familiar with this meeting of “Popular Movements” from his time as the cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires, if not earlier.  You need to understand that in his parlance “popular” and “populism” have entirely different meanings than in our understanding.  It means having to do with “the people” and “the people” has very distinct connotations in South America and especially in the branch of liberation theology, called the “theology of the people”, that the Pope learned and absorbed in his time as a Jesuit novice, scholastic and priest.  Each time he has addressed this meeting, he has not pulled any punches and he did not with this one either. His language any time he has talked with this group has been very hard-hiting. Trump’s ears had to be burning…..reyanna

By Michael J O’Loughlin                     February 16, 2017                       America on-line

In a letter written to a leaders of grassroots organizations and social movements meeting this week in California, Pope Francis said Christians must resist the temptation to demonize others, protect the earth and fight against “the invisible tyranny of money that only guarantees the privileges of a few.”

Writing that the world is in the midst of an “historic turning point,” Francis said the “worsening crisis” presents both danger and opportunity, using language sure to recall tensions between some Catholic leaders and the fledgling Trump administration.

“The grave danger is to disown our neighbors. When we do so, we deny their humanity and our own humanity without realizing it;

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