Pope vs Conservatives – when the shepherd wears lace

Russell Politt is a Jesuit and Director of the Jesuit Institute of South Africa.  This is a very well-written article.  He very articulately lays out the details of the continuing Burke “soap opera”, which is not news to many of you readers, but also does a fine job of articulating exactly what he thinks PF will do or not do. Love the title….reyanna

By Russell Politt SJ                      February 21, 2017                           Daily Maverick on-line

The well-known face of Catholic conservatism and opposition to Pope Francis, Cardinal Raymond Burke, told a congregation in Kansas City recently: “When the shepherd becomes a wolf, the first duty of the flock is to defend itself.” This, again, is a sign that the honeymoon phase of this papacy is something of the past. Earlier this month posters appeared all over Rome depicted a stern-looking pope with the question: “Where’s your mercy?” printed on them. Some speculated that Burke was part of this campaign. And, on a Sunday visit to a parish in Rome, Pope Francis warned that a vendetta and talking behind people’s backs is “not Christian”. Will Pope Francis go head-to-head with his most vociferous detractors?

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