Pope Warns Against Admitting Rigid, Fundamentalist Young Men into Seminary

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By Rita Ferrone                                 April 20, 2016                               PrayTell blog online

One of the key elements of the vision of Pope Francis has been the renewal of the priesthood. He continued to reflect on this topic both in a speech and some off the cuff remarks at a conference in Rome to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of two Vatican II documents: “Presbyterorum ordinis” (Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests) and “Optatam Totius” (Decree on Priestly Training).

Vatican Insider reports that Pope Francis cautioned those gathered to be very careful in evaluating potential candidates for the priesthood:

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One Response to Pope Warns Against Admitting Rigid, Fundamentalist Young Men into Seminary

  1. Bill Keane says:

    A recent description by an English blogger caught my eye:
    “The new man came with a reputation for the old ways – as a 39 year old he had no personal experience of the Church pre-Vatican 2. He had been required to say that he would celebrate Sunday Mass for the Parish in English, and this promise he has kept – thus far. However, within his first fortnight he had abolished the elected Parish Pastoral Council, forbidden services of Word and Communion led by the Deacon in the absence of the priest saying Mass, established a celebration of the Tridentine Latin (1962 authorised) EF Mass 6 days per week, cut the English weekday Masses which he would celebrate at top speed and provided a table-full of literature promoting ultra-retro books, newspapers, liturgy, retreats, pilgrimages……………
    This is from an article by William D’Antonio in NCR about six years ago.

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