Priestly Ministry in the Mind and Heart of Pope Francis: 7 Points

This is a bit of a lengthy read, but well worth it.  When I finished reading it my thought was “We can only wish and, boy oh boy, does Francis have his work cut out for him!”.  I shared this with a priest I know who used it this last week in a workshop.  He told me it generated a lot of conversation.  I have read that Francis wanted to make ministry in the Church the topic for the next Synod that is scheduled for October, 2018.  However, the Synod Council, whose members were nominated by the “Synod Fathers” before they all left Rome in October of 2015 and is very conservative, wanted the theme to  concern youth.  Apparently PF, conceded in the spirit of collegiality to the suggestions of this council as well as that of bishops’  conferences around the world. The title of the Synod is “Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment”.  “Vocational Discernment” was added by Francis.  My money is on him bringing up the discussion of ministry in some way during this next Synod.  A survey again will be sent out and I understand it will be sent specifically to young people to get their input.  One journalist is speculating that if that truly happens, Francis and the bishops will get an earful about what the young people of the world truly think about vocation.  However, if the bishops are the ones who fill out this survey, it will be the same old same old.  Let’s hope the Holy Spirit prevails…..  BTW, this talk was given in Philadelphia.  Two thoughts occurred to me:  I wonder what Ab Chaput thought of this and who thinks up tiltes like “Day of Sanctification”???


By Fr Thomas Rosica                    November 29, 2016                    Zenit on-line

Here is an address by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, given to the Bishops and Clergy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on Monday at the Archdiocesan Day of Sanctification of Priests.

Fr Rosica draws from the Pope’s teachings to consider 7 points summarizing Pope Francis’ vision of priestly ministry.


Your Excellencies,

Dear Brother Priests,

Thank you for the privilege of addressing your Clergy Day of Sanctification. I would like to speak to you today about Pope Francis and his understanding of priesthood. In a conversation with some representatives of the Lutheran Evangelical church in Rome on November 15, 2015, a young boy named Julius asked Pope Francis this question: “What do you enjoy most about being pope?” The Pope’s very personal and simple reply is worth sharing with you in its entirety. He said:

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