“Re-Launching the Project of the Council”

This is an amazing speech given by a bishop.  This article gives you the high points of it.  The speech itself is a long read but worth it.  It was originally posted on his diocesan website but then taken down.  It was also posted on the website CatholicCulture.org and taken down.  Somebody got their knickers in a knot about it.  Some intrepid soul then found the archived version of the entire speech so you can read it.  Here is that link: 


This bishop was a Vietnamese refugee to Australia.  He is a recent Francis appointment.  It shows…..reyanna

In a hard-hitting and riveting address focused on the vision put forth by Pope Francis, Bishop Long of Parramatta, Australia said Thursday that

I firmly believe that we’re on the threshold of renewal and transformation. The Second Vatican Council set in motion a new paradigm that cannot be thwarted by fear and paralysis. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it cannot be put back.

Drawing rather sharp contrasts, the bishop stated:

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