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The above link will take you to an article about a speech PF gave on Saturday on the occasion of the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Synod of Bishops.  I think he staged this event to get across his message, his “intervention” so to speak, instead of addressing his thoughts in the Synod Hall.  He is careful not to do that.  He actually sits and listens, nods occasionally or makes a note or two.  But other than addressing the Synod after the infamous letter was released, he has only had opening remarks.  I presume he will have closing remarks.

I watched PF give this via the internet.  I could have and should have gone to this event.   My press pass would have gotten me in.  As it was, I think it was better to see the video because it gave me a better perspective of watching the faces of the “Synod Fathers” as he gave this talk.  You could definitely notice, in my opinion, from looking at the body language, who is with him and who is against him.  It was that evident to me.  His body language was also telling.  He stood strong and erect with his shoulders well squared.  His tone of voice was not the normal soft and pastoral voice of the daily Casa Santa Marta homilies.  He began strong and stayed strong.

I also watched parts of the canonization Mass today.  While I know that PF dearly wanted to see St Terese Liseux’s parents sainted, he looked like he was loosing his patience at times.  At one point, he moved up the steps faster than Guido and his other MC could keep up with him causing one of them to run to catch up.  He also must have thought the opening music had gone on long enough as he just intoned the sign of the cross right over the top of the song causing choir and organist to just kind of peter out at the end.  He also had a look of daggers at times or maybe a “let’s get this show on the road” look.  I think they are all beginning to suffer “synod weariness”.  This next week just might be rather interesting.  Of course, none of the panelists that come into the press conference would admit that anything is amiss even if two cardinals, a bishop and the pope squared off in the middle of the hall with fists raised.  That is one hell of a funny image in my mind right now……and I know there would be bouncer and a former damned tough street kid from Buenos Aires in the mix so my money would be on him.

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