Recognizing Jesus Christ

For those of you who have enjoyed reading Fr. Pagola’s book, Jesus, An Historical Approximation, he is once again posting his homilies on the Iglesia Descalza website…Reyanna

By José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl), September 12, 2015, Iglesia Descalza on-line

Mark 8:27-35

The episode has a central and decisive place in Mark’s story. The disciples have been living with Jesus for some time. The moment has come for them to express themselves clearly. Who are they following? What do they find in Jesus? What do they grasp from his life, his message and his plan?

Since they joined him, they’ve been asking themselves about his identity. What strikes them is the authority with which he speaks, the power with which he heals the sick, and the love with which he offers God’s forgiveness to sinners. Who is this man in whom they feel so present and so close to God as Friend of life and forgiveness? (To continue reading, click here.)

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