Rehabilitated Reporter

By Reyanna Rice                                                                                                                        August 25, 2016

As of this past Monday, it has been one month since my knee joint replacement.  It has gone well but not without two steps forward and one back.  I was “warned” ahead of time that this surgery would not be the piece of cake that my hip replacement was in 2014.  I also knew this from my years of experience working as a clinical laboratory scientist.  I endured the surgery well but the rehabilitation has been a challenge at times.  I was up on my feet walking the same evening as surgery and every day thereafter.  On the second day, still in the hospital, physical therapy came by and I began the exercises.  I do three sets…or I am supposed to do…of exercises a day, about 12 different maneuvers, then walk, then ice after each session.  I am up to walking a quarter mile using a pair of walking sticks, large, solid wooden ones.  My son-in-law calls me, fondly, “Lady Gandalf” because they are so  long.  The exercises are a bore after awhile and then I have had other issues.  The narcotic pain killers, an absolute must after this kind of surgery, have not been a good experience.  My GI tract has had objections and then getting off the danged things is a real adventure.  Sleep has been an issue also.  As I try to drift off, there will be some niggling pain in the affected leg that I cannot  relieve with tylenol or ibuprophen or massaging or anything.  It is no wonder there is pain.  I was bow-legged….too many years riding horseback…before surgery.  Now I have a straight leg on the one that got the new joint!  There have to be some muscles in that leg objecting to their new positions and they let me know at night.  So, I do the best I can.  I was a very lucky girl in that I had my daughter with me for the first week and then my sister came to visit for the next 10 days.  God bless them both.  They kept the flowers and yard watered and mowed, the dogs happy and me fed three squares a day.  My sister, who doesn’t sit still well, cleaned my entire house top to bottom.  I have been on my own now for about three weeks and I am doing well except for getting my innards back to a normal status  now that I am no longer taking drugs  and trying to sleep at night.  I have not done much else but follow the internet closely to see what PF is up to….a lot as it turns out….and reading and exercising and walking.  I am as of today, feeling up to providing all  you faithful readers some content.  Fasten  your seat belts cause here we go…..

A BIG PS:  Thank  you  for all the prayers.  Please keep them going for just a bit longer.  I am just barely “out of the woods”, literally taking baby steps but advancing even if two steps forward and one back.  It isn’t the tango, so not so much fun but it is movement forward.


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