Rest in Peace, Rosemary

By Reyanna Rice, March 25, 2014

Our dear friend, chief instigator of Concerned Catholics and architect of this web site, Rosemary Tackes, passed away Monday, March 24, in the evening. She will be missed sorely by all. A compact, warm bundle of boundless energy she exemplified the words Concerned Catholic. I first met Rosemary and her husband Jim about ten years ago when she invited my husband and I to a large birthday gathering for a mutual friend at their house. It was the first of many wonderful gatherings to come with what came to be for me a close circle of friends. These large gatherings were an important part of Jim and Rosemary’s life, coming together for various holidays and celebrations of liturgy in their beautiful home, a home filled with the many pieces of art they collected or created themselves. And no matter how big the gathering or how late the hour you were never allowed to help with the dishes!! The hospitality and service they extended to others came from the center of their Jesus filled spirits. They subsequently extended their constant love and support to my husband and me throughout his cancer journey and death. I am deeply grateful to them both. It is just one example of the many times they helped those around them, never considering the cost to themselves. Rosemary’s death came after a four month struggle with a very aggressive cancer but throughout it she “fought the good fight and ran the good race.” And as a close mutual friend said with her passing, she is probably now saying “Free at last. My God, I am free at last.” I am certain that she now enjoys the tender and warm embrace of God whose faithful servant she was. Rest in peace dear Rosemary, rest in peace. Please keep her husband Jim and her daughter Lauri in your prayers as they move through this time of grief.

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  1. Lynne Newington says:

    She sounds as if had been free for many years… to be a friend and colleague without reservation.
    My condolences to you and those whom she served in the preservation of the faith.

  2. God Loves Her; I Love Her. She will always be in my Heart.

  3. Mary Jo Wuenschel says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Rosemary’s death and I, too, say “Rest in Peace”, Rosemary. I have been reading the CCM articles and comments since August 2013, after I attended a Retreat by Michael Morwood in Pennsylvania. I am a Concerned Catholic from Pearland, Tx., near Houston and I always look forward to reading all the CCM Emails. Shalom, Mary Jo

  4. Mary Jo Wuenschel says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Rosemary’s death and I, too, say “Rest in Peace”, Rosemary. I have been reading the CCM articles and comments since August 2013, after I attended a Retreat by Michael Morwood in Pennsylvania. I am a Concerned Catholic from Pearland, Tx., near Houston and I always look forward to reading all the CCM Emails. Shalom, Mary Jo

  5. bud malby says:

    I received this comment today from Brian Coyne of

    “Thanks for alerting us to this sad news, Bud. Yes, Rosemary, was one of those “movers and shakers” — not unlike the role Helen plays here, and in her community in Western Australia. Let’s hope there is someone to step into Rosemary’s shoes. May she rest in peace and please pass on our thanks and best wishes to her family and community. What she was on about was not building some “virtual church” but a “real community”! (Brian Coyne)

  6. Magy Stelling says:

    I learned this sad news to day via Donna who wrote, “I want to celebrate the live of Rosemary Tackes today”. All of us, the members of Concerned Catholics of Montana have been blessed abundantly from knowing Rosemary. How the energy flowed with in her wee body. One would have thought she were ten feet tall. I, for one among many , benefited from her generosity and hospitality, her integrity and her compassion. For Rosemary, there were no borders with these traits. They flowed in all direction and especially to those who needed the fruits of these gifts.

    Rosemary worked long hour building this web site and she had high standards for its content. I remember I once I wrote an angry response to one of the articles she posted concerning my most fervent cause. She rejected my response. However she called me and explained why. She said while I had some valid points there was to much anger directed at the person instead of the action involved. She offered to edit the piece, send it back to me for approval before she would put it into print. The result was superb and taught me a great lesson. Its always OK to attack the problem with concise passion but never denigrate the person no matter how wrong I may feel he/she is.

    Rosemary believed that with death one lives on is the energy one possessed, That presents a challenge to all members of Concerned Catholics of Montana. Shall we embrace this energy along with the love, integrity and compassion that Rosemary poured into this community? The commitment to that question lies in the heart of each of us. Down in Guatemala this week end our Diocesan Sister Mission will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Community Milk Co-Op that Jim started. This Co Op is expanding annually and now serving a much larger community for the benefit of each member of the community. I can’t help but wonder what our community look like 50 years from now.

    I feel Rosemary’s energy flowing in our continued work and see our Church living and breathing in this 21 Century, including all, with a liturgy appropriate to the time. A Church respectful of the gifts of both women and men. a clergy that generously serves the entire community and a leadership whose life is spent with and among all the people. A Church whose rules, teachings and doctrines have a singular purpose to enhance and encourage all to follow the example of Jesus the Christ. Rosemary never saw these ideals as a dream that one wished for. No, not dreams but desires, ideals from the heart, that could only see the light of day if only they were lived out in the daily lives of each of us, laity and clergy alike.

  7. mary grace black says:

    we were saddened to read the loss of our staunch reporter of all that is catholic,rosemary, we only met rosemary once,but felt her charism and devotion to the . church. for jim and laurie we are saddened with you..our love and prayers stand by you. hugh and mary grace

  8. We can expect major improvements in the Heaven’s Website with beloved Rosemary now administering it.

    • Reyanna Rice says:

      But she will not let anyone else do the dishes after those heavenly banquets!! Hope she gets to haunt a few places on earth to effect some change. She certainly had enough energy in this life to do so and I expect it was not lessened in passing through the veil.

  9. Ernest Ledwaba says:

    Good day,
    I am from Pretoria, a regular “follower” based here in South Africa. Since 2013 I started receiving the homilies and all related communication. One other major benefit derived from the shared information is reading about the Pope. Never before in my life have I had an opportunity to read so much about the Pope, and never before have I felt closer to the Pope – thanks to Rosemary and team.

    While I do not personally know Rosemary, her death has somehow touched me. To Rosemary: Rest in peace! To Jim & family: Accept our condolences, be blessed.

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