Revisions to the website….

To all readers:

Some changes to the website will be made over the next few days.  As part of the process, the article archive will be emptied extensively.  This will not include Father Jim’s homily or other original content submitted to the website for publication.  As articles begin to once again be posted,  you will also notice that the complete article will no longer be made available.  A few paragraphs will be posted with a link to the source that originally posted it.  To complete your reading experience, you will need to click on the link that takes you to its source.  As changes are being made, articles will begin to be posted once again but as outlined above.  These changes are being made after deliberation with the members of the Concerned Catholics advisory group so as to be in compliance with copyright and fair use practices.  Your patience during this process is appreciated.

Reyanna Rice


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