Sacked Aussie bishop lifts the lid on Vatican bureaucracy

When you follow the link embedded below, be sure to listen to the broadcast.  When you click the link and get to the Religion and Ethics Report webpage, the buttons to connect to the audio portion are just above the text of the report.  It is quite revealing.  It is my sincere hope that the process this good man was subjected to will be changed by Francis.  Bishop Morris is now suffering from melanoma, a condition that was discovered as he went through the horrendous grilling he received by the Vatican of Benedict XVI.  Having lived with a cancer victim, I know full well the role that stress plays in allowing cancer to take hold and flourish.  Hate to say this, but I think some folks will be needing to answer some tough questions, but maybe not in this life…..Reyanna

By Andrew West, Religion and Ethichs Report, June 11, 2014, Australian Broadcasting Company On-line

In 1998, Pope John Paul II read the riot act to Australian Catholic bishops. He warned that local Catholicism was becoming too casual – perhaps too Australian. His statement was countersigned by one Cardinal Josef Ratzinger. Seven years later, he was Pope Benedict.

In 2011, Benedict dismissed the man who was – supposedly – the main culprit in this lurch towards a more egalitarian Catholicism.

Bill Morris was the popular long-time bishop of Toowoomba in Queensland. He was tough on sexual abuse, but it seems too casual on issues such as women priests and the ordination of married men.

Now, Bill Morris has written a tell-all book titled Benedict, Me and the Cardinals Three. It details what amounts to a conspiracy between Vatican bureaucrats and ultra-conservative Catholics in Australia to remove him. (To continue reading and to listen to the podcast click here.)

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