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I found the artwork described in this article stunning to say the least.  Because I know most of the readers here live in the west in areas populated with Native Americans I decided to share this article with you.  My favorite piece was the one titled Lakota Trinity….Reyanna

By John Christman               March 9, 2016                         US Catholic online

In 1990, as the country prepared to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus, something in Father John Giuliani’s heart recoiled. His knowledge of the violence, suffering, and oppression the Native American peoples endured contrasted sharply with the upcoming national celebration of European “discovery” of the Americas. But what could he do? As an artist, priest, and person of Italian descent, he wanted to do something to make his own personal reparation for the atrocities of the past.

Father Giuliani threw himself into creating paintings that celebrated the lives and cultures of indigenous peoples. A classically trained iconographer with a great love for beauty, a meticulous eye for detail, and a researcher’s disposition, he quickly produced 22 pieces of art over the course of a year. These works not only sparked a wave of critical interest in his art but also encouraged him to dive deeper artistically and spiritually into an unfamiliar worldview—one predating the arrival of Christianity in the United States.

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