Some interesting words from the former Cardinal Bergoglio….

In doing some translation work on material from when Pope Francis was still the archbishop of Buenos Aires, I came across some things he had to say that I find profoundly meaningful in relation to the political climate in the US this election cycle.  I shared these with my sister with the comment that I was thinking of having this printed up on T-shirts to send to all the current candidates for the presidency of the US.  I can think of one in particular that really needs to take this in and think long and hard on it.  But then, I have always been noted to be something of an optimist, but may be getting more cynical as I age.  The context of these words was a conference or retreat he was giving to a group of educators.   He is talking about the “social bond” which, given the history of Argentina, had been severely damaged.  I am guessing the year is not later than 2011…..Reyanna

“Reconstruction of a social bond that is truly inclusive and democratic demands a constant practice of listening, openness, dialogue and even coexistence with other trends, alongside the experience of universal and concrete love that must always be the priority within our communities. […]  Faced with the emergence with ever greater frequency of every type of intolerance and division in relationships between individuals and among peoples, we are called to live and to teach through our example the value of respect, love that goes beyond every difference, the meaning of the condition of the child of God precisely of every human being, the acceptance of his or her ideas, of their feelings, behaviors and even sins, such as they are. […]  We must not resign ourselves to living isolated in a small fragment of reality.  Recognizing, accepting and sharing with diversity does not imply renouncing one’s own convictions.  We must welcome the diverse and witness that is is possible to be “yourself” without “eliminating” the other.  And to struggle […] against every a prioristic practice of exclusion, be it due to social, economic, political, religious, cultural or personal motives”

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio

(Note: the word I translated above as “a prioristic” in the translation services and dictionaries I consulted also gave a meaning of “anti-anyone-else-isn”, which really fits well her…..Reyanna)


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