Some thoughts on the upcoming Synod on the Family

The gal who writes this blog comes up with some really good thoughts now and then.  This is one time she has articulated her point quite succinctly…..Reyanna

By Questions from a Ewe, September 27, 2014, Questions from a Ewe blogspot

I’ve been reading many different perspectives and speculations about the upcoming Synod on the Family.  Repeatedly from the camp of guys who don’t actually live in or lead family units…that would be the hierarchical leaders…I hear variations on the, “We are right; we always were right; we will always be right; therefore the following people can’t have communion” theme.  I have two observations / questions regarding this: (To continue reading, click here.)

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  1. Larry Rose says:

    Some people really understand the “Heart and Mind” of Jesus.

    It is essential we learn to accept everyone.

    We are all members of the “Body of Christ”.

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