‘Spiritual Assault’ How Not to Run a Parish

This is the first of two articles I will be posting from Commonweal on the status of the priesthood in the US.  Both of these articles are long but worth the read.  In this article, the author speaks about her parish.   She does not disclose the location of her parish, but from her description, I am guessing it is in the Madison, Wisconsin diocese where the former bishop of our diocese of Helena, MT is located…..Reyanna

By Barbara Parsons, February 1, 2015, Commonweal Magazine on-line

Amid the near euphoria expressed by so many regarding, as one publication put it, the “Groundbreaking First Year” of Pope Francis, there remains a sobering reality that no exuberance over a “rock star” pope can either hide or transform. As one who has lived through several papacies, I too can rejoice over a Jesuit pope inspired by the thirteenth-century man from Assisi; I can also appreciate the sentiment behind his depiction of the church, in his celebrated 2013 interview in America, as “a field hospital after battle,” a place whose purpose is “to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful.”

At the same time, however, living in the trenches of parish life, I am painfully aware of an ecclesiastical environment that produces a good number of those “wounded” people.  (To continue reading click here.)

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  1. Maryelyn Scholz says:

    Great article BUT you do not have to be in WI to experience this type of abuse. We are registered in two Parishes. At one, the priest starts each homily with a joke, often sexist. EX: why does a bride wear white? Because most kitchen appliances are white or the other Parish, at the dictate of the Pastor, the ushers are to document the folks coming in to Church after the entrance procession. Kinda like detention slips.
    O how I long to fall in love with my Church again!!!
    It is your postings and Fr Jim’s homilies that keep me on a little even keel.

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