Steve Bannon vs. Pope Francis?

I know this is another article on this topic, but it pays to not let this one slide off the radar screen.  From all the news sources I read and watch, Bannon is the power in the White House.  His brand of vitriol when he was with Breitbart is infecting our government at the top levels.  He is the one pulling the “levers of power” at the moment.  His influence has a wide web.  We need to pay attention to how this develops.  The website this comes from is an unkown to me but the article is sourced from the AP…reyanna

By E. J. Dionne                       February 8, 2017         

WASHINGTON — Steve Bannon disrupted American politics and helped elect Donald Trump as president. Will he disrupt the Roman Catholic Church by joining forces with right-wing Catholics who oppose Pope Francis?

Bannon’s dark vision contrasts sharply with the sunny disposition of a pope who has chided “sourpusses” and “querulous and disillusioned pessimists.”

Bannon believes that “the Judeo-Christian West is in a crisis.” He calls for a return of “the church militant” that will “fight for our beliefs against this new barbarity” which threatens to “completely eradicate everything that we’ve been bequeathed over the last 2,000, 2,500 years.”

Where Francis has insisted on dialogue with Muslims, Bannon points to “the long history of the Judeo-Christian West struggle against Islam” and reaches as far back as the eighth century to praise “forefathers” who defeated Islam on the battlefield and “kept it out of the world, whether it was at Vienna, or Tours, or other places.”

“See what’s happening,” Bannon insists, “and you will see we’re in a war of immense proportions.”

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