The Catholic Church is Beyond Reform

As I read this post, I really felt for this man.  I had to think about the many, many fine men who have given their lives to us in service.  It has continued to amaze me that some of these men have “hung in” as long as they have.  I think you all know just as many and have listened to them talk about their lives, some in frank terms, about trying to continue to be faithful to their vocation of service to Jesus and to us.  God bless them all and strengthen them.  ….Reyanna

By (No author listed), May 15, 2014, ACP-Association of Catholic Priests (Ireland),

I speak as a priest from a Greek Chorus within their tragedy plays. “The Catholic Church is beyond reform”. I repeat this, to myself, not because I am negative, but rather that I am facing reality. Strangely, I have found a kind of peace with this in the last few days. This is not new, that the Catholic Church is beyond reform.

Arguably, continuing, at least since the time of the Reformation and on this day of 15/5/2014, the Catholic Church is beyond reform. What of all the women, men, priests and religious who have left a Church that refuses reform? So many, many priests alone have left every diocese in Ireland during the reign of Pope John Paul II. Look up the statistics and see for yourself.

We belong to a Church which refuses to talk, listen and learn from those who have left. Does this not speak of a Church that is not interested in reform? (To continue reading, click here.)

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