The Emergent Christ: Exploring the Meaning of Catholic in an Evolutionary Universe

by Ilia Delio, published by Orbis Books

Reviewed by: Rosemary Tackes

We just returned from a retreat with Ilea Delio and it has prompted me to re-read her book “The Emergent Christ”.  This book comes highly recommended by many theologians and while it may take reading and re-reading it is well worth the effort.  She frequently sights Teilhard as one of her mentors who has influenced her life significantly.  Her book calls forth a renewal of the world and the church in light of both Christian tradition and what we are learning from science about the universe.

Here is what John F. Haught, senior fellow, science and religion at Woodstock Theological Center has to say about “The Emergent Christ”.

“Ilea Delio argues persuasively that evolutionary theory rather than Aristotelian-Thomistic metaphysics has become ‘the name of the game’ for articulating contemporary Christian spirituality and theology.  This is a bold claim, but Delio presents her argument with an adroit use of the metaphysical vision of both Teilhard de Chardin and A.N. Whitehead and with regular reference to the work of prominent philosopher/theologians in the field of religion and science.”

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