The Entrepreneurial Bishop: Can The Catholic Church Learn From JetBlue?

I recently posted an article on how the Villa Stritch, the palatial villa in Rome where the US bishops stay while visiting the city, was recently re-decorated to the tune of about a half million.  I commented that the bishops are just not getting it.  This article seems to indicate that some are getting it.  This bishop was one of Francis’ early picks in the first months of his papacy, choosing a pastoral man, although he is apparently slightly conservative.  Interesting that Forbes is the publisher of this article.  I do see some glimmers of hope in the US episcopate but it is going to take a few more years of the “Francis effect” to turn that glimmer into a steady blaze.  Conversion is a slow process sometimes……Reyanna

By Susan Adams           March 9, 2016                    Forbes on-line

In late 2013, when Rev. Frank J. Caggiano became the Fifth Bishop of Bridgeport, CT, he took over a diocese with 82 parishes, 38 schools and 410,000 Catholics, who make up 45% of the population. He also inherited almost $22 million in debt that had been racked up by the schools, even though the diocese, which covers most of Fairfield County, includes some of the world’s wealthiest enclaves, housing a disproportionate number of billionaires and hedge fund titans. In this condensed and edited interview, Bishop Caggiano talks about out how he’s attempting to bring an entrepreneurial approach to solving his diocese’s problems.

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