The Face of Mercy

Papa Francesco today released a document, called a Bull on Indiction, regarding the establishment of the Jubilee Year of Mercy that he announced earlier this past Lent.  The announcement of this Jubilee Year was a total surprise to everyone.  There was no hint of it in the notoriously gossip riddled halls of the Vatican.  My impression of this is that it will not be at all like previous Jubilee Years.  It will be very interesting where Francis takes this.  I encourage you to read the document.  In itself, it is a mediation on mercy.  If I had to make a guess as to whether Francis had help in writing this, I would say yes and that the co-author was Crd Walter Kaspar.  I read his book on Mercy which Francis mentioned shortly after he was elected, and this document sounds very similar.  You can access the document by clicking here.

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