The Guardian view on Pope Francis: championing humanity

This editorial from The Guardian just reinforces in me that in Pope Francis the world has a precious treasure.  IMHO, he is the number 1 leader of any authority in the world today.  And considering what we are going to most likely face starting January 20th, we need him to live a long time.  Hopefully, he inherited his grandmother’s, his beloved “Nonna Rosa”. DNA.  She lived to be 92, fairly healthy and mentally sharp until she died….and she died in his arms.  Do as he asks: “Don’t forget to pray for me”….reyanna

Editorial                             January 1, 2017             The Guardian on-line

ope Francis leads an organisation that fought against democracy, liberty, equality and feminism for nearly 200 years after the French revolution of 1789. It is a paradox that he is now heralded in some quarters as the global champion of all those causes, which everywhere seem under attack. The key to understanding this contradiction is that the pope is not himself a liberal. He is a conservative with a small c,

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