The importance of the small

Another great homily from Jose Antonia Pagola….Reyanna

by José Antonio Pagola (translated by Rebel Girl), July 20, 2014, Iglesia Descalza Blogspot

Matthew 13:24-43

Christianity has been greatly harmed over the centuries by triumphalism, the thirst for power and the desire to impose itself on its adversaries. There are still Christians who long for a powerful Church that fills the temples, conquers the streets, and imposes its religion on the whole society.

We must reread two little parables in which Jesus makes it clear that the task of his followers is not to build a powerful religion but to put themselves at the service of the Father’s humanizing project (the kingdom of God), sowing small “seeds” of Gospel and inserting themselves into society as a little “leaven” of human life. (To continue reading, click here.)

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  1. Magy Stelling says:

    There are so many “little seeds” we can plant with all the horrible news spreading across the world. for example many on Face Book are sharing the Arabic letter “N” to show solidarity with the Iraqi Christians who are being driven from their homes in Mosul. An Iraqi Muslin who stood in solidarity has been killed by the ISIS.

    Or one can insist that the Latin American children fleeing their homes and crossing our borders must be treated as refugees instead of “illegal aliens” . BTW Fr. Perry (SFX parish) will going to the border in a couple of months. He will take with him a big box filled(with our donations) travel sized toiletries and cash which we will take up Aug 2nd and 3rd in a second collection. The JRS specifically asked for this size donation so if any are able and willing to donate drop them by the SFX office. Things like Tooth brushes and tooth paste, shampoo, deodorant, skin lotion, combs and brushes, etc . Just make sure they are travel size.

    While we as individuals can not stop the war (massacre) in Gaza we can make peace in our own individual hearts. For that is where Peace truly begins. Some times I have this day dream of the world having an army of Peacemakers instead of “warmakers.” I truly believe we must and it must begin with you and me!!!

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