The Instrumentum Laboris for the Upcoming Synod on the Family

The Vatican has released the Instrumentum Laboris, or agenda,  for the upcoming Synod on the Family that is to be held this fall in Rome.  I am posting a link to Whispers in the Loggia that has a link to a PDF of the document, the easiest format for reading it.  The initial articles I have seen on NCR have generated strings of negative comments.  I think many of the commenters have not taken time to read it before commenting.  I think it worthwhile to read it for oneself, which I will be doing.  Bear in mind that this is not a work solely by Francis.  It is a work of the bishops working collegially which is what Francis wants.  We may not like some of what this document has to say but this is the bishops first real foray into working collegially under Francis, that is to say really working as such in a long, long time.  Given the kinds of bishops we have been given in the last 35 years, I am finding some of the first parts of the document to be interesting and I am not surprised by some of what is there.   These men have not been noted for thinking outside of the box, but thinking, or at least saying, what they thought a pope wanted them to say.  As I understand how this process works, all the bishops in the world get this document to comment on and then it will be streamlined further.  I think Francis is hoping that freely commenting occurs and I have read this is the process he wants in the Synod, even if “the plates should fly” as he is always saying.  I think he is trusting the Holy Spirit to guide this process for the betterment of all the People of God  So, I think we should not let ourselves be distracted by negativity we read, we should be adult and mature Christians who will take the time to work through this document, think about it and share our own thoughts among ourselves on it.  I will be interested in hearing from some of you on this as you work your way through it.  I would like to share your comments with the folks of the American Catholic Council as they continue to work through the process of how they will be responding to the Synod in the fall.  Francis wants us engaged, so let’s engage ourselves!…Reyanna

To access the document click here and then follow the link for the PDF of the document.  The PDF will open in google docs.


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  1. . . . in defense of status quo. What a gigantic waste of time and energy when all along they had no intention of listening/hearing.

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