The joy of love and the consternation of theologians

PF’s Apostolic Exhortation is still in the news, mainly because those in the conservative aisles of the Church are still “confused” by its message.  Francis and the Vatican are making a concerted effort to make sure people understand what Amoris laetitia is saying.  There have been a number of efforts most notably by La Civilta Cattolica, the Jesuit journal from Rome that has the Pope’s personal approval for all its articles, to “market” AL, most notably by Fr. Antonio Spadaro, its editor in chief.  It was interesting that last week L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s “unofficial” official “newspaper”…”true journalists” don’t like to call it a “newspaper” because they think there is too much control of its content…posted an article in defense of AL.  This is somewhat unprecedented, especially considering the “tone” of the author.  L’Osservatore Romano is hardly a bastion of progressive viewpoints….reyanna

By Rocco Buttiglione                  July 21, 2016                   L’Osservatore Romano on-line

I remember coming across a cartoon in a French newspaper a while ago. I think it was in L’Aube. Several theologians, each sitting atop his own little hill, were looking out toward the horizon in search of the Christ. Down in the valley, some children had already found Jesus. He took them by the hand and was walking among the theologians, none of whom recognized the Lord. The theologians were looking off into the yonder while Jesus was right in their midst.

I’ve often thought of this cartoon while reading comments concerningAmoris Laetitia and, more broadly, the Pontificate of Pope Francis. Thesensus fidei of the Christian people immediately embraced and followed him. But some of the learned class seem to have trouble understanding him.

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