The most important decision

It seems that Jose Antonio Pagola’s homlies are becoming a regular feature here.  Between his homily and Father Jim’s, you all have plenty of thought to break open the Sunday readings……Reyanna

By Jose Antonio Pagola, July 24, 2014, translated into English by Rebel Girl, Iglesia Descalza Blogspot

The gospel includes two brief parables of Jesus with the same message. In both stories, the protagonist discovers a tremendously valuable treasure or a pearl of incalculable value. And both react the same way — they joyfully and resolutely sell what they have and seize the treasure or the pearl. According to Jesus, that’s how those who discover the Kingdom of God react.

Apparently, Jesus fears that people are following him for various interests without discovering what is most attractive and important — the Father’s exciting project which is to lead humankind towards a more just, fraternal and joyful world, thus putting it on the road to its ultimate salvation in God. (To continue reading click here.)

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