The pontificate might be stuck in the mud

I am not too sure about Mickens’ hypothesis.  I recently asked someone with very, very insider status in the Vatican two questions: Do you feel that the processes he…meaning PF... has begun are beginning to have effects, especially in the institutional structures, and do you feel the processes he has in place will continue on even when he is no longer with us?  The answer came back “I’m SURE about that. No doubts.”  Time will tell but I feel more and more that the Holy Spirit is guiding PF and, loosely quoting from the Acts of the Apostles, if it is of God, nothing can stop it.  What are your thoughts on this??….reyanna

By Robert Mickens        May 9, 2016            National Catholic Reporter on-line

A Christian is not supposed to give up hope. She is not to despair.

But after three very uplifting and incredible years under the prophetic leadership and compelling personal witness of Pope Francis, many reform-minded Catholics have again become quite worried about the future direction of their church.

It is not that their honeymoon with the first New World pope is over. (The memory of what a disastrous state the church was in before his election has prevented that from happening just yet.)

But there are growing concerns that, despite being able to effect a seismic change in attitude and ethos throughout the worldwide Catholic family, Francis has done nothing to ensure that this will not all be tossed aside once he is gone.

It should be stated again, without any gloss, that he must move more quickly to make structural and juridical changes that cannot be easily undone by one of his successors.

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