The Pope’s Phone Call to the Woman in the Irregular Marriage

When you link to the full article, be sure to take the time to then follow the link embedded in it to another very good article on this.   I find it interesting that Pope Francis press spokespersons, Fr. Lombardi and Fr. Rossica are not denying this call was made and they are dong a merry dance as regards did he or did he not change church teaching.    Also interesting is that the pope introduced himself as Father Bergoglio when the call was answered.  That tells me he was emphasizing his role as a pastor, instead of pope.   I think he really likes the role of pastor, pastor-in-chief.  This is another instance of his displaying the talent of leading by example.  Also, if he did not want this call made public, I am sure he would have counseled this woman not to do so.   Does Papa Francesco like to stir the waters, so to speak, to see what happens??  I think so and God Bless him and protect him for doing so……Reyanna

By Editor (Father Anthony Ruff), April 24, 2014, Pray Tell Blog

Are you following the bewildering and ever-changing details of the latest cold call of Pope Francis? It seems that the phone call really did happen, and that he really did advise the woman in the irregular marriage that she might receive Communion.   (To continue reading click on this link.)


Click on this link to go to a similar article on the National Catholic Reporter website.  The comment string on this one is quite hot

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