The rocky path to a married clergy

There are many articles out there on this topic and I have posted previously on this topic but there are some really good points in this article….Reyanna

By Pat Perriello, May 5, 2014, National Catholic Reporter On-line

David Gibson frames the issue of a married clergy well in his article for Religion News Service.(Note: this link will take you to the NCR post of the article, not to Religion News Service….Reyanna)

Pope Francis apparently had another one of his private conversations with a Brazilian bishop whose diocese is in the rainforest. The diocese has a total of 27 priests for 700,000 Catholics. Most Catholics are only able to attend Mass a couple of times a year.

The bishop broached the issue of a married clergy with Pope Francis, who suggested that the answer may need to come from national bishops’ conferences. Concrete suggestions presented to Rome might result in movement in this regard.

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