The Sublime Joys of Celibate Adultery

If nothing else the title of this article has caught your attention!!  It is a well-thought and thought provoking article.  The comment string is also interesting.  Commonweal strictly controls their comment strings and I find by and large that there are some great thoughts and ideas shared.  BTW they do not allow anonymous commenting.  I think that helps the tenor of the conversations.  Interestingly enough, the author of this article is anonymous.  That tells me he or she is someone placed in a prominent position who would loose their job if they were not anonymous, probably someone well-known by the Commonweal community and Fordham….reyanna

By unagidon                            July 14, 2016                        Commonweal on-line

In April, Pope Francis issued Amoris Laetitia where he called for a more pastoral approach in dealing with Catholic couples who divorce and remarry without getting an annulment of their Catholic marriage.  He suggests that each case be considered on its own merits.  He did not make any changes to Catholic doctrine in this document, so what he meant by “pastoral” was, as usual, interpreted by each in their own way.

In July, Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, who is considered very conservative, responded by saying:

Catholics in Philadelphia who are divorced and civilly remarried will be welcome to accept Holy Communion – as long as they abstain from sex and live out their relationships like “brother and sister”.

I found this to be a remarkably liberal statement coming from him.  But I also found it disturbing.  Is he saying that adultery begins with sexual relations?  Or is he using sexual relations as a convenient and unambiguous dividing line?  Will sexual relations become the new standard of adultery?

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