The Vision of Pope Francis for the Church

The author of this piece has been a very outspoken advocate for the liturgy of Vatican II.  She has done numerous talks, television spots for background on the church, and blogs quite frequently for PrayTell plus is a frequent commenter on various other blog such as Commonweal.  She has been an outspoken opponent of the revised translation, thus making her one of my heroes……Reyanna

By Rita Ferrone, July 7, 2014, PrayTell Blog

In those days John the Baptist appeared, preaching in the desert of Judea, and saying “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

In those days a pope named Francis appeared in Rome, preaching in the parched landscape of a Vatican rocked by scandals, a leadership widely considered “out of touch,” and a people adrift. His words and his example woke people up and turned them around so that they could welcome the reign of God right now! He said things like:  (To continue reading, click here.)

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