Theology and Church: When women write to the pope

I found this a fascinating read not only for the content of each “letter” and the insight these women give, but also for the fact that in the pope’s own backyard so to speak, there is a burgeoning ferment of women’s voices in theology. Be patient in reading this, as the first paragraphs, which are below, give much background.  The good stuff is later in the article.   As someone who writes her own letters to Pope Francis…and I urge all of you to do so, not worrying that you are writing to the pope, addressing him like he is just a friend…. I applaud what these women are doing and hope that they, indeed, send these letters to him…..Reyanna

By Carlo Molari (English translation by Rebel Girl), originally published in the Italian journal Rocca &/15/2014, this posting is from Iglesia Descalza blogspot, August 1, 2014

The contribution women are making to theological reflection in the Catholic sphere has become increasingly important in Italy. One particular sign of this was the International Theological Congress in Rome organized by the Coordinamento Teologhe Italiane [Coordination of Italian Women Theologians] on the 50th anniversary of the start of Vatican II, from 4 to 6 October 2012 on the subject “Female theologians reinterpret Vatican II: Accepting history, preparing for the future.”

Two hundred and twenty five women theologians from 23 different countries participated in it. Now the proceedings have been published by Paoline editions (Avendo qualcosa da dire [“Having something to say”], Milan, 2014, edited by Marinella Perroni and Hervé Legrand, with the contributions of several theologians, including Cettina Melitello, who examined “La teologia delle donne: quale incidenza ecclesiale?” [“Women’s theology: What impact on the Church?”, pp. 48-60].

Lately, other books by Italian women theologians have been published that we should mention because of the richness and depth that characterize them, such as Le ribelli di Dio. Donne e Bibbia tra mito e storia [“The rebels of God. Women and the Bible, between myth and history”], by Adriana Valerio (Feltrinelli, 2014); and two books by Benedetta Selene Zorzi: Antropologia e teologia spirituale. Per una teologia dell’io theology [“Anthropology and spiritual theology: Towards a theology of self”] (Ed. San Paolo, Cinisello Balsamo, 2014); Al di là del gênio femminile. Donne e genere nella storia della teologia cristiana [“Beyond feminine genius: Women and gender in the history of Christian theology”] (Ed. Carocci, Rome, 2014).

However, the impetus for reflection that I intend to propose, comes from a smaller initiative, but one rich in significance. It is an expression of the enthusiasm stirred up by the gestures and words of Pope Francis, which have encouraged hope for renewal and opened a flood of petitions to the Church. (To continue reading, click here.)

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