To Live Fully, The Witness of Thea Bowman

Thea Bowman has been one of my heroes since I say the video of her talk to the US Bishops, as mentioned in this article, at the National Pastoral Musicians convention in Cincinnati many years ago.  It was like listening to a prophet.  Incidentally, the archbishop of Cincinnati at the time, Daniel Pilarczyk, gave the keynote and warned us then that the Vatican was about to undo the changes of Vatican II to the liturgy, essentially wresting control from local bishop conferences and the laity as to what liturgy would be for the people of a diocese.  How prophetic he was also……Reyanna

By Christopher Pramuk, July 7, 2014, America Magazine On-line

While teaching an undergraduate course titled The Black Catholic Experience, an unsettling realization broke into my consciousness: How often the prophets and saints we most need to remember are hidden in plain sight among us. It is fitting and easy enough to celebrate the witness of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as many parishes do, during Sunday Mass before the holiday commemorating his life. But maybe it is too easy for us to think that is all we need to do to fight the racism still present in our society today. Where might we find inspiration to continue to work for justice? The history of black Catholics presents us with a wondrous but too often forgotten cloud of witnesses. Could it be that the lives of these saints challenge many of us in ways that strike too uncomfortably close to home? (To continue reading, click here.)

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