Towards an Adult Spirituality in the 21st Century

This document was authored by members of Concerned Catholics of Montana at the request of Janet Hauter, Chairwoman of the American Catholic Council.  We have attempted to explore and define a spirituality for the faithful in our day and age.  This is a “draft” and with your help we hope to further refine and develop this document.

We strongly feel that this is an effort worth pursuing and look forward to comments and feedback from anyone interested in participating in this ongoing discussion of spirituality particularly as it relates to our ever busy and sometimes chaotic daily lives. And also as it relates to evolution, our ongoing discovery of relationship with the cosmos and our search within ourselves for a spirituality that helps us to engage more abundantly with that Gracious Mystery we name God.

Please share your thoughts with us by adding your comments at the bottom of this page.  The link below will allow you to view/print the document in PDF format.

Toward an Adult Spirituality in the 21st Century (7-1-12)

John Chuchman has taken our document and reformatted it into his poetic style.  The link below allows you to explore our document in his format.

A Theology of Today – John Chuchman

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2 Responses to Towards an Adult Spirituality in the 21st Century

  1. I think this document makes very good sense.

  2. rhosie says:

    To get the dialogue moving, we would like to pose a question or two…. We who drafted this document struggled mightily with how much was too much or too little in defining “Spirituality”.
    Have we left the reader with a sense that Spirituality is personal and unique and that each person must find their own meaningful definition, or is the document too dogmatic in it’s approach to a Lay Spirituality?
    Some have suggested that the document is too long. Please let us know if you agree with that and suggest ways to cut the document without diminishing the message we are trying to deliver.

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