Trumped by Robots

This is a very challenging article to read on several levels.  It takes a very hard look at the future that our children and grandchildren will face first of all.  It also talks about some very challenging socio-economic issues that might make some of us feel uncomfortable.  It also brings another nuance to the political arena that we are experiencing in this country and that other countries are also beginning to experience. Read it with an open mind.  The road ahead will not be a smoothly paved one, but we cannot remain blind to what lies ahead.  Our children and grandchildren will need our wisdom to help them….reyanna

By Chris Chatteris SJ     February 7, 2017      Jesuit Inst of South Africa

Inside every ATM lurk the ghosts of three bank tellers. In South Africa visitors are amused to hear us refer to traffic lights as ‘robots’, but we’re not that far off the mark; they are indeed robotic systems and inside each of them is the ghost of a police officer directing the traffic. We may think of machines taking over our jobs as something that will occur in a remote, dystopian future, but the ‘ghostly’ bank tellers and traffic officers will tell us that the future has already arrived.

We may also think that robots are machines which do the drudge jobs like mining and cleaning the streets. Here we would be right but only partly so.

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